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Skill development is a part of our aim, the Lakshhya of Lakshhya Society. Skill development is a part of education. The term 'skills' include technical skills, transferrable skills, vocational skills, digital skills, and many others to keep the list everlasting. 

Skill development is the method of detecting skill gaps and improving the existing skills to enable a person to achieve his/her goals. The current generation lacks the necessary skills and there is a humongous gap between the skills existing in a person and the skills demanded by the industry. 

Serving in the education sector for many years, Lakshhya Society believes in the following areas of importance of skill development along with education:

  • For a better perspective: Having good skills, knowledge, and know-how, develops a better perspective towards everything in life. Making wise decisions and good choices are the consequences of education and understanding skills.
  • For better opportunities: Every student is not a master in academics. Some are good at sports, some at drawing and sketching while some at writing. Skill is the mainstay of the career of such students.
  • For future preparation: A few skills like leadership, public speaking, decision making, and creativity are very crucial for the future. When we provide education to an individual, we are preparing him for his future as we inculcate these skills in him.
  • For personal development: Skills like networking and communication go a long way in aiding the overall development of a person. It adds to the personality and contributes to the journey towards becoming a good citizen. 

Since skill development is a part of education, we need to have a specific understanding of education also. Firstly, let's not confuse literacy with education. They both are different. There's a basic difference between the two.  Literacy is about acquiring skills and learning, while education is about applying these skills and learning for the benefit of other people. Literacy is about the theory aspect of learning and education is about the practical one. 

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By:- Riya Gupta