Lakshhya Society|Education For Poor Children


The term NGO stands for Non-Governmental Organization. NGOs are basically non-profit, citizen based groups setup for welfare of a group or community or humanity as a whole, operating independent of the government.

NGOs are setup with the main aim of providing service and ensuring justice. NGOs help people by playing multiple roles in the society. Today, when we have 3.2 Million register NGOs in our country and approximately 10 Million around the world, we need to understand the roles, importance and objectives of these non-profit organizations who work for the nation and its people without any selfish interest.

A Non-Governmental Organization is established by like-minded people who wish to be change makers and service providers. NGOs aim at various problems of the society like sustainable development, basic human rights, justice, sanitation, education, rural development, flora and fauna, leadership, environment and many more similar issues. These organizations play a crucial role in the development process of the country. Their contribution, although unnoticed, is of infinite significance.

Lakshhya Society, being one of the millions of NGOs operating in India, was setup with the basic objective of spreading hands-on learning to poor children in Uttar Pradesh state of India. We started our operations in Aligarh and are continuously struggling to expand our reach. The unique methods and programs aim to address gaps in education system that are stretched to their limits.


  • To provide education to underprivileged children
  • To build better livelihood opportunities for the underprivileged rural and urban youth
  • To enrich quality health services for adolescent girls
  • To provide basic services to the vulnerable sections of the society
  • To provide relief activities when the nation is in need, e.g. COVID-19

Lakshhya Society aims at imparting education to those people for whom it is inaccessible. Since education is the strongest weapon to fight against poverty, we think that education will help them to grow and develop in future and they will be able to make better choices for themselves and their family.

A famous saying goes like this, “Educating one person in the family leads to the education the family.” We believe that education is a basic human right. Education, not only helps in the development of an individual or a family, but also the country. An illiterate person is a liability for a nation, whereas an educated individual is a lifetime asset for his country, acting as a fruitful human resource.

Lakshhya Society is growing, both in actions and geographical area, in the state. With your support and wishes, we hope that we will continue to grow contribute to our nation and the whole world.

Riya Gupta