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Beginning with the words of Mahatma Gandhi, “the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” Volunteer is an individual or who is willing to offer his/her services to an organization. Volunteers perform a variety of tasks for an NGO and assist in programs and funding. For some NGOs, volunteers are their backbone. Volunteering is an activity taken over to realize one’s responsibility towards the society and its people. We humans belong to the same species and it is our responsibility that we take essential calls for sharing and caring, following the religion of Humanity, irrespective of our caste, standard, color, nationality, mother tongue, etc.

We, at Lakshhya Society, understand the relevance of our volunteers and appreciate their service. A volunteer is a kind of helping hand for us who is ready to offer his services and time for the welfare for our organization. Volunteers play a variety of roles in NGOs. Some of the vital roles played by volunteers are:

  • 1. Spreading the word: Marketing
  • 2. Assisting in core programs of the NGOs
  • 3. Support services: photography, website handling, etc.
  • 4. Offering innovative ideas
  • 5. Keep costs down

There’s no doubt behind the fact that volunteers are a crucial aspect behind the successful functioning of NGOs. We respect the time and services rendered by our volunteers and appreciate them for taking a step forward towards this responsibility. Sometimes, NGOs hire volunteers just for an event like an annual closing event, survey or charity drives. Whatever they do, volunteers are of great help. Volunteers add value to the organization and help them in achieving their objective. Volunteers come with a bunch of benefits for the organization. 

They help us to engage a more diverse range of skills, experience and knowledge. They also enable us to raise more awareness about the organization’s cause, its profit and what it does and to reach more beneficiaries. They help in the development and delivery of activities, projects and services by bringing in new opinions, ideas or approaches and delivering services and projects in a more effective and efficient manner.

In a nutshell, volunteers are like the blood running in the veins of NGOs’ body. They are very important and we respect their contribution.