Lakshhya Society|Education For Poor Children


The whole world is suffering with a pandemic disease which, as we all know, originated from China on 31st December, 2019. The economies have not only become stagnant, but are on a road to downfall. Not only one or two, each and every sector of the economy is badly affected whether it is industry or service, everyone is prone to adversity.

At this stage, we are not Hindus, Muslims or Christians, we are humans; we belong to the same religion, Humanity, the mother of all religions. This is the phase when we should support and help all those who are in need irrespective of our caste and living standard.

The governments of the countries are struggling to raise funds for relief from numerous sources possible. At the same time, NGOs and other organizations are carrying out relief activities for providing food, services and sanitization to the underprivileged ones. The need of the hour is not to protect the country borders, but to protect the humankind. Human resource is the main source of operating an economy. If we conserve the human resource now, we can definitely save the world economy later. The humans need to understand that it’s the time to live as a collection of people, not communities.

People are storing food grains in surplus for future. The quantity is much more than the actual requirement due to which there is a shortage of grains. The richer section of the society needs to know that it’s not the time to store large quantities of surplus and testing their cookery skills. They are trying new dishes, consuming junk food and using extra quantity ingredients while they stay at home. It’s better to cook and eat healthy and donate whatever they can. If they are able to take out some extra amount from their savings and donate to some NGOs or PM Cares Fund, it will be of great help.

We, at Lakshhya Society, have organized a number of charity drives to support the children of lower sections living in nearby areas. Lakshhya Society is a group of like-minded people who are always ready to work for the good of the people.

We are here to bring equality, not only through education, but also to understand the need of the hour and react towards the same.